What my clients are saying…

“Erin did a great job in capturing the construction process, but more importantly, the spirit of what The Brick Works means to those involved.
– Nicola Hives, Associate Manager, Individual Giving, Evergreen Brick Works

“Erin Elliott is a
brilliant communicator and project manager. I have had the pleasure of working with Erin on a wide range of marketing and communications projects over the past few years, and the work is always extraordinary.”
– Kerri King, Tourism Manager, Region of Durham

Erin took the time to learn what I was all about as a writer and helped me establish the online foundation that I’ve continued to build on. It was clear that I was in good hands from the get go.
– Gwen Tuinman, Novelist

“Erin is able to make sense and bring order to large complicated projects that land on her desk practically in a shoebox. She plays equal part traffic controller, wordsmith and voice of reason, imbuing the final product with the perfect combination of clarity and appeal. Erin never lost sight of the audience and in all instances, helped us create the perfect piece for the end user. “
– Janice Bearg, Program Manager, Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds

“Erin has the strategic and operational acumen to see the forest and the trees, making her invaluable to an organization. She can manage a large amount of work and get it done in a short period of time, and she is able to build trusted partnerships and gain commitment to initiatives and projects. She transformed event activities into magical news and public awareness, and she drove critical elements to a success level well beyond expectation. Erin is a humble superstar…and I hope we work together again!”
– Dennis Croft, Executive Director, Spark Centre

Erin was integral to the whole process of redefining and refining Evergreen’s communications work at a pivotal time
. She not only helped establish an appealing voice, she moved us smoothly into the digital realm, working with very tight deadlines, tighter budgets and a large number of often inexperienced contributors. And amid the clamour of constant organizational growth and change, Erin managed to maintain her cool, and her sense of humour. As a result, so did everyone else.
– Matthew Church, Director of Marketing and Communications, Evergreen