For Small Biz

Communications Tool Kit
Every time your team is in touch with your customers, suppliers and donors they are speaking on behalf of your brand. But is their messaging aligned? The communications tool kit will give you all the words you need in all the right places. Together we will craft a high-impact communications tool kit you will draw from again and again. Save this on your desktop and pin it to your wall because you will draw on this again and again. Your kit will be customized for your organization and depending if you are a charity or a for-profit business we can include points like:

Brand promise
Key messages
Standardized word choice and in-house brand style for common words
Sample press release template
Sample social media posts for the platforms you use.
Email signature.
Other items as needed

Marketing and Communications Planning
We will start with strategy and your key goals and outcomes and drive down to tactics that will deliver. We will make a 90-day plan, 12 month calendar and beyond to plot out your major activities in print, digital and real world events.

Coaching and Consulting

Your team is small, but mighty.  You aren’t ready for a new hire, but you are ready for some marketing and communications oomph. Someone who can help you save time, get to the heart of the matter so you make faster decisions with greater impact. Together we can craft a strategy, plan your social media content, create your marketing calendar or